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Learning for YOU--Right Now!

Is your work life in a rut?  Are you ready to move up or move on to a new work experience?  

Great!  Reinventing your life or your career can be an exciting and satisfying adventure.

Let's design your next step.


Learning--For Your Business

Tired of workshops and online learning that puts you in a coma?  Is it time to move past sitting through lectures while trying not to fall asleep?  That's fantastic.  

At Companybydesign, we use a soon-to-be patented learning process.  It blends learning into an active experience that will stick with learners long after the event is over.  Are you curious?  So are we.  

Curiosity is the #1 ingredient for learning success and retention.  Find out more about our tailored learning experiences.


Coaching, Learning--It's taking online level to the max!

Big News!! 

If you are going through a life or work transition, then this learning adventure has been created for you.  We'll work with you and design a program exclusively for you

Meet Debra Burton Brown

Debra's passion for learning, transformation and travel have taken her across the United States working with busy professionals like you.  For more than two decades, she has helped thousands blast through life's big and little work/life obstacles.  Her programs--including Winner's Track and Write Path--have been shared with millions throughout the United States, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico.  

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Debra Burton Brown