My Mission

Every seminar I do, every keynote I present, I believe in challenging the status quo in training and development.  I believe in learning innovation.  

The way I challenge the status quo is by making my learning practical, easy -to-use and ready when you need it. 

Do you want control of what you learn, when you learn it AND how you use that learning?  

My clients are using sick and tired of conflict, drama, anger, helplessness and scarcity.  They are looking for the answers that put them back in control.   They want answers...and they want solutions that work in the REAL WORLD.  

How many of us have taken a course or workshop that was incredible?  We loved it.  We put the course workbook on the shelf and told ourselves we would put those new ideas into action ONE DAY.  Has that day come?  Did those new ideas get delayed until we had more time or motivation?  Did life go back to the way it was before the workshop?


Have you ever stopped and wondered how you ended up in a challenging situation?  

  • It might be that your team is in chaos.  
  • It might be that your career is being stalled or sidetracked.  
  • You might ready to jump to a new career or forced to jobs.  

I am committed to breakthroughs, not breakdowns so you are free...NOW.  

Knowledge is power--especially active knowledge.  

As a coach, keynote speaker and seminar leader, I traveled across the United States and Canada leading hundreds of events.  

Yes, it is inspiring to watch participants have those "A-ha" moments where it seems a light turns on.  What was frustrating was knowing that the "A-ha" would be swallowed up by BUSINESS AS USUAL the following day.  Yes, they had the knowledge.  The knowledge was not yet innovative action.  

It became harder and harder to work with corporation and government agencies who wanted to offer "training" as part of their required training checklists.  

Attending an anger management seminar is NOT the same as letting go of anger.

There had to be a better way.  

I stopped leading seminars and began offering blended learning solutions.  Blended learning means that we have the best of all training elements.  You and I can have face-to-face conversations.  You have 24/7 access to videos, discussion groups, and coaching.  When learning is blended, your results are doubled, tripled or more.  It becomes innovative and active.

Ready for learning that rocks your life?  Then join our community of innovative, active learners.

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Debra's passion for learning, transformation and travel have taken her across the United States working with busy professionals like you.  For more than two decades, she has helped thousands blast through life's big and little work/life obstacles.  Her programs--including Winner's Track and Write Path--have been shared with millions throughout the United States, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico.  

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