Work. Life. By Design.

Work. Life. By Design.

Work. Life. By Design.Work. Life. By Design.Work. Life. By Design.

On Site

Blended Learning

Your learners deserve the best training format.  Our customized programs include these elements.

  • Face-to-face:  This might be an on-site event at your designated location or it might involve a virtual event for face-to-face interaction using technology such as Zoom or Skype for Business.
  • 24/7 Online Resources:  ALL our programs involve pre- and post-event online resources.  When participants are encouraged to learning prior to a training event, they walk away with active learning that produces bottom-line results.  The post-event learning allows learners to reinforce new ideas and techniques.  If there is a diverse audience it allows for learners to review materials at their own pace.
  • Coaching:  Learners are invited to book individual sessions or join group coaching sessions following a training event.  Sessions are using conducted via telephone or video-conferencing.  It is a safe and confidential space for enriching their personal results.  

Blended Learning is dedicated to action.  Our clients are committed to learning that is NOT a checklist.  It is active and visible.

Schedule a Tailoring Call


  • Work with clients with diverse budget and training needs.  
  • Offer a 45-minute consultation for reviewing your budget, learners and goals.  
  • Will assess your learning and performance gaps so you focus on what works.