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What would happen if you blended an online workshop with outrageous community discussions with a dynamic facilitator and coach?  That's right!  

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Transitions and Transformation

Thriving in the Midst of Change

Change is inevitable.  How we handle it is a choice.

Successful change happens to the degree that each person is aware of what's going on--not only out in the external world of events, but more important, around the internal feelings of loss and confusion that accompany change.

Unfortunately, most people struggle with change.  They fight against it, which is odd when you think about its certainty.  

The fact is, all of us will have to face change in one form or another during our lives.  We can either deal with it up front or end up experiencing double the angst later on.

The big question is how do we deal with change effectively?  What simple strategies exist when it comes to an experience that can be so difficult to handle?  And why is change so difficult to begin with?  This learning experience will answer all those questions and more.

What You Will Learn

In this blended learning experience, you will gain greater insight into what change is and why the process of change can be so tricky.  You will also explore what it takes to move through the process of change with much more peace and calmness.  You will be aware of the internal transitions that are so often ignored when change occurs.

You will realize how a simple shift in how we view change can open up a greater degree of acceptance around it.  This can bring about a new beginning in a much quicker amount of time.

I'm ready for transformation.

Change does lead to positive outcomes, and by exploring the transitions that accompany change, you can learn to embrace change rather than resist it.

  • Explore how perspectives impact our ability to deal effectively with external change and the internal chaos it creates.
  • Recognize the need to work effectively in the midst of change, rather than focusing on trying to just make it stop.
  • Accepting change as a means of embracing a new beginning.
  • Gain a new outlook on working with change and the transition process.

Transitions and Transformations

Join us August 13th. It's our latest class!

Are your facing change?  Do you wish that you could take the stress out of change?  We're ready to make that happen.

What 's a blended learning adventure?

Good question.  Once you've registered, you'll join a safe, active learning community.  The Partner Name will show you how this experience works and help you get ready for our August 13th launch.  

Blended learning means you have all the mobile-friendly, 24/7 access perks of online learning.  

You will also have an active coach and facilitator, Debra Burton Brown.  She will work with you personally as you engage with these new ideas and strategies.  

What is a blended learning adventure?  It's coaching.  It's community.  It's mobile-friendly tools and resources.  It's about you having a transformation.

Plus, you receive a bonus!

Once you have registered for this innovative learning experience, we'll give you access to an online course you can begin today.  That's right.  We've included an online course, Courage, Risks and Rewards--Taking the Leap, that you can access immediately.  That's two courses for the price of one.

We are committed that you will achieve success--both personally and professionally.  it's time.  Take the next step.

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